Wednesday, January 04, 2012

More straps....

Starting out the new year with more straps. I have these straps in-coming. Can't wait to get them.

From Heroic18, the Italian Aged Cocoa with copper stitching with Submarine IV buckle. I think this one will go well with the PAM00390 as it (PAM00390) has the 'submariner' on the case back.

The buckle.

Photographs: Heroic18

The other strap I have in-coming is from Ted Su. It is the popular dive strap and with the large buckle. This one will go on to the PAM00243I. A 'butch' strap for a 'butch' watch. 

Photograph: Ted Su

I will report more when these straps arrive.


  1. Can you give me a strap recommendation for a Defakto Eins (Steel: I love the watch but feel that it could be even better with a new strap.

  2. Hi Miku,

    Welcome to the blog. With regards to your question, I believe Defakto has a nice selection of straps available for the watch. If you want to go independent, the choice is really up to you. Do you want rubber strap or leather strap or even fabric straps?

    As with buying watches, buy what sings to you.

    Best regards,


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