Monday, January 23, 2012

Rolex Explorer II

I had a chance to 'molest' the Rolex Explorer II reference 216570 white dial over the Chinese New Year. I had the opportunity to look at the watch, both the black dial and white dial earlier but perhaps because I was on the streamlining phase, I was not really interested. 

Now that the streamlining is over, and I have to chance to really look at the watch, I have to say that I do like the watch. I like the fact that it 42 mm in size and it has the new maxi dial and hands. I do prefer the white dial although some may prefer the the black dial with the 'floating' hands. 

There are other reasons I like the watch, for example the case is still much like the older watch and is similar with the older Rolex case design. I like the fact that the bracelet does not have the polished center link of the GMT Master II Ceramic. I like the GMT Master II Ceramic but I wished that the case was 42 mm instead of 40 mm as it does make the lugs looks a bit 'thick' and the watch 'squat'. 

The Explorer II reference 216570.

The GMT Master II reference 116710LN.

Photographs: Rolex

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