Sunday, October 28, 2012

Black Bay

I had the pleasure recently, to try on one of Tudor's 2012 novelty piece in the Black Bay (reference 79220). I have to say that I like the watch even though initially I did not like the watch. I felt it was a mismatch of a couple of Tudor vintage pieces and the red bezel insert did get to me. However after seeing the watch in the flesh, it was not that bad. 

First, the bezel insert is not red, but more burgundy (maroon?). Second, I thought the watch was 42 mm in diameter. It is actually 41 mm in diameter. Thirdly, the red ring on the crown, it is not a noticeable (when worn) as pictures suggest. 

The watch on my almost 8 inch wrist. Looks good. At the moment, only the steel bracelet model is available in Taiwan. I was told that the leather model will be in later. You can see from the photographs, the bezel is not really red but maroon? 

The watch again. It is a nice watch. I like the gilt printing on the dial. I like the dome crystal (not as domed as I would like it to be) and the domed dial (hard to see). I love the fact that there is no date complication (and associated cyclops). 

Now the ultimate question. Would I get it? Not at the moment because I would really like to see its sister the Pelagos. Even after that I don't think I would get any of them. I would like to, but I have to stop. 

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