Sunday, October 28, 2012


Had a big scare recently when the crown and winding stem on my Tudor 7016 fell out of the case when I tried to set the watch. I unscrewed the crown and pulled out the crown and it and the winding stem popped out. A quick visit to my friendly watch guy solved the problem. 

The case back removed. You can see the markings and the watch is from 1970. My watch guy reapplied the grease for the gasket.

The movement. The crown and winding stem in place. Hardly any corrosion on the case. I like the decorations on the rotor.

The ETA 2483 that powers the watch. It is marked 17 jewels. From my readings and understanding, the ETA 2483 should come with 25 jewels, but watches (during those days) headed to the US were fitted with 17 jewels movement to comply with US laws.

Anyway the screw that holds the winding stem in place was loose and that cause the winding stem and crown to pop out. Put the stem back in and tighten the screw and we are all done. 

My watch guy timed the watch and even did a check for water resistance. With the equipment he has, he could only test the watch to 6 ATM. Passed and I am happy. The watch is not a daily wear watch for me, so I am happy with the water resistance.

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