Friday, October 12, 2012

Strap change

One of the joys of collecting Panerai watches is the ability to change straps. However, this is not very true for me when it comes to my Radiomir. Since I have only 1, it did not make sense (for me) to get many straps (also the fact that the strap is 27mm). However since I now have 2, I thought I might as well get a couple. So the hunt began for 27mm straps. I realised that these straps are hard to come by and have to settle for the 26mm straps. 

As I was getting some 22 mm straps (for the Longines and JSAR), I asked the supplier if they had any 26 or 27mm straps. They had the 26mm straps. It was a plus since I like the workmanship, quality, design and mostly the price. :) I ordered 2, one black and the other brown. These straps are locally made.

Since I am travelling, only the PAM210 is with me. So the watch will get first dibs on the straps. 

The Radiomir Base on the JV strap and the new straps on the left and right. I decided to go with the brown for the base and the black for the Black Seal. :)

Details, details, details. Gaskets on the tips of the lugs. 

The Radiomir Base with the new straps. 

The watch with the new strap on the wrist. The strap is very soft. Review coming soon.

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