Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Seiko, the diver extension....

I have always considered Seiko the Chuck Norris of the watch world. They do things their way. Take for example the way they implement the diver extension. Most of us are familiar with the extension being inside the clasp of the watch. However Seiko does it their way. Outside the clasp. Just look at the photographs below. I have added some photographs of a PVD black bracelet where you can see the parts as there is contrast between the parts.

The bracelet from the Seiko Monster series. Can you see the diver extension?

The clasp unlock. Can you see it? It is at the left of the clasp lock.

Now you can see it as the diver extension is extended. 

With the clasp close and the diver extension extended.

How it wears on the wrist. 

The next set of photographs shows some details of the parts that makes up the diver extension and the thought that have gone into the design of the extension.

This bracelet is from the Seiko Stargate. Now the diver extension is on the right of the clasp.

This is the view on the bottom or inside the diver extension. You can see the black tab that locks the diver extension in place when not in use.

Another view.

With the clasp unlock, the diver extension is between the last link and the clasp.

Once again the inside view. To unlock, you just lift the hinge section of the extension.

The hinge in unlock position. 

The hinge or diver extension extended. Notice that the locking tab is now located inside a slot and locks the extension in extended position. How cool is that. See how much thought went into the design. Not just a simple extension. 

The diver extension in extended position, ready for use. I like the fact that Seiko did not opt to PVD black the entire clasp but leave the inside or bottom in polished stainless steel. 


  1. thanks Ivan, you saved me...just purchased a stargate and had no clue how to use the extension...

  2. Hi Robert,

    Welcome to the blog. Congrats on the Stargate. Wear it with good health.

    Best regards,