Sunday, June 23, 2019

Battery change season begins...

Yeah its battery change season again... and this is the first batch.

We have three watches and the watches are...


DW-8600ZJ-1T Fisherman


Please note this is not a step by step instruction on how to change batteries in Casio G-Shock. Note this post is photograph heavy.

First up is the Fisherman..

Case back screws...

The case back is made of Titanium and is held by the 4 screws shown above. 

Case back removed. Note the rubber spacer/ protector.

The rubber piece removed. We now have access to the battery. 

The battery is held in place by the clip. You need to pry open the clip by pushing on the tab.

Closer view of the tab.

Tab open, battery ready to be removed. 

Battery removed. 

Replacement batteries from your neighborhood 7-11. Cheaper then getting at my friendly neighborhood watch guy, sadly. 

New battery in. 

The locking clip.

Case back on. Don't forget to lubricate the gasket before closing. 

Why I love this Fisherman model...

Next its the turn of the DW-5600CL.

I thought I could get to the screws and do the change without removing the strap. Mistake no. 1....

The screws removed. Mistake no. 2, yes I have to remove the end pieces to remove the case back. 

The end pieces removed. 

Closer view of the end pieces. 

Now we are ready for the battery change. 

Case back removed. We see the rubber spacer/ protector. Oh what is that on the inside of the case back?

Warning.. don't forget to reset the watch after battery change. 

We see the same setup at the watch earlier. The battery is held by the clip. 

Clip unlocked and battery removed. 

New battery in and the reverse process to close up can begin.

All done. Note the reverse red display. I like...

Now its the DW-5600B. This one is unique due to the strap used on the watch. It reminds me of the flight jackets used by military pilots. 

The holes are access points for you to gain access to the spring bars. I found that it easier not to use them as it is very small. 

The mounting points of the strap. 

The DW-5600B. Another watch with reverse display.

The case back. And the same process as the watches above. Nothing much to explain... :)

Closer view of the locking clip.

Old battery.

New battery.

All done. Batch 1 completed. :)

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