Friday, June 21, 2019

What started out as a photography session...

I was taking a photograph of my Seiko SKX031 for my 'A Watch A Day Project' when I noticed a spec of dust or dirt under the crystal. You can see it at the 2 o'clock hour marker.

I thought of sending the watch for a cleaning when I decided I should be able to remove the spec of dirt myself. So out with the tools...

Out with the case back removal tool...

Turn the watch over... ready for case back removal..

Case back removed.

View of the robust Seiko 7S26 movement. 

Now to remove the winding stem so that I can get the watch module out of the case.

Closer view of the tab (at 5 o'clock) I need to press to release the winding stem.

Winding stem removed. 

The watch module, I had a close look at the dial to make sure there was no dust or lint or whatever on it.

The spec of debris removed with the trusty Rodico. Blow clean to ensure nothing else was lurking. :)

Watch module back in...

And we are all done. Happy camper I am. :)

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