Thursday, June 13, 2019

Seiko Monster Gen 4 unboxing...

We have another Seiko Gen 4 unboxing. This time its a little different as this particular watch was a gift, as such the tags and plastic have all been removed and did not come with the watch. 

The outer white box. However this box is different from the normal white box that I normally see. This box is of a higher quality and is a two piece box. The normal box is a one piece box. 

The retailer sticker is at the side of the box. Also the part number of the box is XS055J A. The normal box I am used to is XS190J A.

The grey box. Even this box is different. Better quality and just different. 

The warranty and user guide. 

This is the view of inside the white box. There is a slot or cut out at the bottom of the box. 

And this is where the papers sit inside the box. 

The side view of the box. It is different. Even the interior is different as you will see from the photographs below.

The Seiko SBDY033, Gen 4 Monster. It has a blue sun burst dial but it is difficult to photograph. 

The cushion inside the box... different. Also the shop, Daimaru in Osaka removes everything. Sad but its OK. 

Review coming soon...

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