Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Swatch Bape Big Bold...

Swatch in collaboration with Bape will be launching a new collection mid June. There are 6 models and I am not sure if all the models will be available at all the Swatch Boutiques. 

Each model is limited to 1,993 pieces (year Bape was launched). There is a special box edition with all 6 models and it is rumoured that there are about 100 of these box sets. However I suspect most of the box sets could be sold out as the watches were launched in Japan early this month. 

Anyway, the watches are in the new Big Bold design, meaning the watches comes in at 47mm in diameter. This is no small watch. :)

The watches. There 5 city models and 1 Global Model.




New York



Photographs: Swatch

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