Thursday, June 20, 2019

Undone Type XX watch..

Undone watches Hong Kong have released a watch that have got me interested. It is their new Undone Type XX watch. It is their take on the Type XX watches from the past. And I have to say the design is nice.

There are basically 3 design in the collection, The Classic, The Panda and the Special Edition. 

From Undone Website...


A revival of the time-honored Type XX prototype. True to its name, the “Classic” boasts the defining look of the original watch - black dial background with black sub-dials and vintage lumed numerals. 


Flaunting a sportier appearance, the Type XX “Panda” design harks back to the 1960s and 70s. Its white background contrasts boldly with black numerals and black sub-dials for enhanced readability.

Special Edition..

A unique, 21st-century interpretation of the first Type XX.

Dim the lights and prepare for takeoff. The centre console houses two large, white sub-dials surrounded by blue numerals; they glow sky blue under low-light conditions.

All of this is encased in a stealthy, satin black PVD case and buckled up on a black cordura strap. Type XX Special Edition comes exclusively with a secondary strap: the black NATO.

The Special Edition is limited to 150 pieces.

Photographs: Undone Watches

All the watches share the following characteristics...


For aircraft instruments, strength, weight and balance are crucial factors. Type XX is constructed from 316L stainless steel, and weighs in at just 52 grams. It’s light, agile, and nimble, with great body rigidity for those daily knocks and bumps.


Perfected for everyday wear, indoors or outdoors, Type XX is built on the chassis of our best-selling Urban range. A sleek, well-balanced presence at 41.5mm in diameter and 12.5mm thick. Lug-to-lug length is 48.5mm and lug width 20mm, allowing it to wrap comfortably around your wrist.​


Classic body, modern engines - Type XX is powered by the industry-trusted Seiko VK64, a hybrid mecha-quartz movement that couples the heritage of a mechanical 60-minute sweeping flyback chronograph with the low-maintenance reliability and precision of quartz.​

Big Eyes..

Legibility is key within the dimly lit confines of a cockpit. Larger sub-dials and contrasting hands give a nod to the iconic look of the watch that inspired our Type XX.​

Coin Bezel..

Providing pilots with better grip for rotation - the coin-edged bezel, without doubt one of the aesthetically defining features of certain vintage aviation watches.

Diamond Crown..

Attempting to set the time while wearing thick leather gloves proved no easy task for navigators. The tactile diamond crown has since become a staple feature of many flight-worthy timepieces.

I have to say it looks tempting. :)

As with most Undone watches, the Type XX does offer a number of personalization. There are 2 cases, 15 straps and 3 dial options to choose from. That is lots of variations. 

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