Friday, June 14, 2019

Seiko Gen 4 Monster unboxing..

Yeah, yet another unboxing... completing the 3 musketeers...

This time, the packaging is totally new to me...

First time I am seeing a rectangular box from Seiko...

Yes it is the SDBY035. The box is XS192J. 

The papers that comes with the watch.

The grey box that comes inside the white box.

The watch inside. It is well protected. 

Closer view. 

Inside the grey box. The right loop is fixed, the strap slides into the loop. The left loop (?) is used to clamp the watch down, a first for me. 

The watch inside a plastic bag. The watch head is wrapped with blister pack. 

Sticker on the plastic bag, the serial number has been photoshop away. The watch was made in March 2019.

With the blister pack removed. 

The tags that comes with the watch.

The Seiko Monster SBDY035. 

The watch comes with the new rubber strap. It is very much softer compared to the old Z22 rubber strap. 

The back of the rubber strap. It has patterned finish.

And there you have it, the unboxing of the 3 new Seiko Monsters. 

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