Friday, January 01, 2010

The Book of G-Shock

I just my 'The Book of G-Shock' today. Just for Taiwanese, Kinokuniya Bookshop has a few of these book in stock. The book is currently retailing for NTD 387.

This is the latest magazine/ book focused on Casio G-Shock. This magazine/ book or more popularly known as mook (MagazinebOOK) is published by Town Mook. It is printed in Japan and the ISBN number is 978-4-19-710214-3 and retails for 933 Yen. The mook measures 30 x 21 cm and is 0.7 cm thick or 100 pages thick (including front and back covers).

As with other Casio G-shock book in the past, the quality of the book and the photographs inside are top notched. Basically this mook covers the latest models from Casio with a focus on the latest Frogman and the multi-band or Atomic function offered by Casio.

The mook starts with an analysis of the Frogman, covering its history and showcasing the latest Frogman GWF-1000-1JF. There is a breakdown of the components that make up the GWF-1000. There is also a coverage of the GW-200Z-1, also known as 'The Last Frogman'.

Then it touches on 'The Master of G' collection. It covers the models, Riseman, Mudman and Gulfman. There are some nice pictures of the models available. This is followed by a chapter covering the new model GW-5000.

Next we have a section with interviews of current G-Shock collectors in Japan. The interview covers a cross section of G-Shock collectors. Nice.

Then we have a section on the MR-G and MT-G. This section shows a number of MR-G and MT-G that is currently being offered by Casio. There are also photographs showing the factory where the MT-G and MR-G are made.

Next we find the section on the development of the now very popular Casio G-Men. Too bad I can't read and understand Japanese. There are lots of nice photographs.

The mook ends with a coverage of some of the G-Shocks available from Casio and also a report on the recent concluded Shock The World Tour.

Overall, I find the mook interesting. It is necessary reading for Casio G-Shock collectors, but makes an interesting read for those who are just curious about what is the deal with Casio and G-Shock. There are lots of photographs and these helps (a bit) for those who cannot understand Japanese (like me).


  1. Dear Ivan,

    Nice posting of the latest G-Shock Book. So sad is not available in Malaysia. For the section of the G-Man, is actually a production line showing the operator need to clean up before entering the clean room. The photo frame, is a Casio Certificate for factory innovation such as new technologies tough solar, 5 motor chrono & multiband or wave ceptor etc. All the inventor's name including certificate is frame in the factory Hall of Honour.

    Hopefully you can post more of this book in future..



  2. Hi Chow,

    If you are interested in the book, I can get the book for you and mail it to you. The other option is to visit your local Kinokuniya (KLCC) and ask them to order it for you. But check the Japanese section first if they have the book. I know that Kinokuniya can order the book for you.

    Let me know if you want me to get the book for you.

    Best regards,


  3. Dear Ivan,

    Such a Great news for your help me to get this book! As I less goto KLCC quite some times, due I stay very far from that place, well I live in Subang 2 area, near the newly re-renovate Skypark Subang Private Airport. As for the price, can you PM me your details such how to pay back to you, my mailing address which to send the book etc. to my Gmail account. Unless this I get book for FREE from you!!! Haha.....(Joking)...



  4. Hi Chow,

    No problem with getting the book for you. I don't think I have your gmail account. Email me at with your email account and we move from there.

    I have seen the newly re-renovated Skypark Subang Private Airport. I use to work there a long time ago. After the airport shifted to KLIA, Subang airport was used for about 2 years to serve some local destinations.

    Best regards,