Friday, January 29, 2010

Casio G-Man, a bit OT.

I got this in the mail today. It was given out in the recent Casio G-Shock Party held here in Taiwan. I understand about 200 of these were given out. So keep a look out for these at the popular auction sites if you want one.

The box.

Opening the box.

And what's inside?

The base where the G-Man stands on.

The DW-6900 G-Man. It is the same size as the one that comes with the Limited Edition DW-6900 Toy Series, the purple G-Man. The G-Man is 8 cm tall. It is black instead of purple. The position or pose of the G-Man is different. I wonder what other G-Man were given out.

Close-up view of the face. There is a plastic crystal over the 3-D face.

The G-Man, posing.

The back of the G-Man. The overall finish is pretty good. The G-Man is made in China.

Unlike the larger G-Man, the smaller G-Man does not wear a watch.

And a couple of close-up shots.

A big Thank You goes to Casio Taiwan.

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