Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Robot Clock

I got this 'clock' on my recent visit to the watch street. It is actually a clock key chain. There are many other designs but since my other hobby are robots, I took the robot design. The other designs include motorbike, ladybug, pies and other cute objects. The clock cost about USD 4 each.

The robot started life as a key chain clock. As I don't really use key chains, so I decided to remove the key chain and keep it as a desk clock.

The clock is powered by a quartz movement. I cannot make out the brand of the movement and guess it would be one of those very cheap movement that comes out of China. In fact, I saw another shop assembling the clock. The movement comes in a tray. On the tray there were about 100 movements. The movement provides basic time telling capability; hours, minutes and seconds.

As you can see from the photograph, I can't even make out the brand of the battery.

The case back is made of stainless steel. It is unsigned and has a circular brushed finish. The sides are polished. According to what is stamped (finish rather poor), the clock is water resistant. I would put the rating at 0 feet. There is no provisions for any form of seal on the back of the case/ body.

The body of the robot is made of brass (?). It has a layer of lacquer on it. This is to prevent the case from oxidizing and turning green. The robot has a vertical brush finish. I like the look of the robot as the loop over the head makes it look like it is wearing headphones. It also has a 'smiling' face.

The robot measures 47 mm in height (including the loop above the head). Without the loop, it measures 39 mm foot to top of the crown. It is 32 mm at its widest. The clock face is situated on its body and there is even a bezel around the clock face. The face of the clock measures 15 mm in diameter. As can be seen from the photographs, the robot is rather cute.

The dial is white. It is unsigned. The only legend on the dial is the words 'QUARTZ' just above the 6 o'clock markers. The hour index are Arabic numerals. There are no minute index markings. This makes the dial look clean and makes telling the time easier.

All the hands are black. The minute is long enough to differentiate it from the hour hand. As there is no minute index marks (and also the size of the dial), it does not matter that the minute hand does not reach the nonexistent minute index. It does however reach the Arabic numerals.

The crown is located above the head at the 12 o'clock position. The crown is made of stainless steel and is polished. It is 4 mm in diameter and 2.5 mm thick. The crown is large enough to facilitate ease of use. Pull the crown out to adjust the time.

The robot with the key chain removed.

Overall I find it very cute. It is not expensive and it tells the time. I cannot complain as it is only USD 4. I enjoy looking at it and it makes me smile.

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