Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Casio Taiwan specific news

First the good news. The Last Frogman, GW-200Z-1 will be here in Taiwan end February. No details on the price as yet. The MTG-1100-1 and MTG-1100B-1 will be available in Taiwan by the end of next week. The price is expected to be around NTD 17,000 (USD 540).

The sad news? Well the Frank x 151 booklet is available here in Taiwan from Casio Taiwan authorised centers. However the booklets are not free. It will be given to you if you purchase any one of the collaboration models now available from them. The models are the DW-6900 Mr. Cartoon, DW-5600 Todd Jordan or AW591 Redman. Sigh!!!!

Photograph: borrowed shamelessly from Internet

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