Monday, November 08, 2010

Casio G-Shock iPhone application

Casio Japan has released via iTunes Japan the Casio G-Shock application for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Sadly this application is only available via iTunes Japan. The application features a number of interesting features. The application offers the following basic functionalities: 

Time Display
Light Function
Stop watch
Alarm with snooze and repeat functions

It also features two games: 

G-Shock Attack: a shock resistance game where you tap the G-Shock to inflict as much damage as desired. 

G-Shock Dive: a water resistance game where you try to sink a G-Shock by blowing on the device. 

The combine score of the games will 'release' new G-Shocks and G-Shock durability test videos. Additionally these G-Shocks obtained in the course of the game can be added to the 'Collection' and can be set as your application clock screen. How cool.

Photographs: Casio