Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pulsar G10

I finally got the long hand version of the Pulsar G10 watch. Thank you MWR. Anyway there are a number of differences between the short hand Pulsar and the long hand Pulsar. This is over and above the differences I posted earlier here:

I notice that the long hand Pulsar G10 issued 2003 (as with the issued 2001) has a longer hour hand. This means all the hands are longer on the Pulsar issued after 1999. I stand corrected on this as I have not seen any year 2000 issued watches. 

The other difference is the movement used. Both the 1999 and 2001 is powered by the Seiko Epson sourced V732 caliber. However on the 2003 issued watch, it is powered by a Seiko Time Corp sourced 7N32 caliber. Both the movement looks the same to me. The other difference is the size of the movement, the 7N32 large at 10 1/2 ligne and the V732 at 9 1/2 ligne.

The V732.

The 7N32.

The other difference between the 2003 issued long hand and the 1999 issued short hand is the case back (and perhaps the case). The is no indication as to who made the case back. In the short hand version, the case back is inscribed (inside the case back) 'Seiko Epson Corp, Hong Kong'. On the long hand version, it is completely sterile. I cannot verify what is on the inside of the 2001 issued watch as I don't have the watch.

The case back.

Lastly the markings on the dial differs between the two watches. The difference is with the markings at the 6 o'clock position (others being the same). On the short hand Pulsar, we find the legend 'Movt Japan V732-OZO8 R2'. On the long hand version we find the legend '7N32-OBK4 R2'. 

And there you have the difference between the two watches. Do look out for a review of the long hand Pulsar in Watchshock.com.

The Pulsar boys.

Its Christmas time.

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