Monday, November 01, 2010

Pulsar G10

This is not a review of the Pulsar G10. I did a review earlier, refer:

However what I would do here is to post photographs of my recent acquisition and also update the earlier review. I got this watch at the Portobello Road Market. I nearly got the civilian Pulsar chronograph, but that is another story. This watch is the same as the other Pulsar I have, save the case back markings have not been removed. So in the photographs below, you can see the markings. 

What I have learnt since I had the first Pulsar is that the 1999 issued Pulsar have a shorter minute hand as compared to the later issued Pulsar. I have not seen any Pulsar issued before 1999 (but stand corrected on this). Also I notice, from my Pulsars and other Pulsars on the Internet, the colour of the minute hand differs from the hour hand. Why? I don't know. I also found out that the watch has a very low water resistant rating of 3 ATM and they are fitted with mineral crystals. Sadly the crystal on the new watch have to be changed as well as the watch does fog up as with the old one. 

Both the Pulsars.

The watch.

You can just see the difference between the hour hand and the minute hand. Perhaps the difference in the colour is to differentiate the hands as the hour and minute hands are about the same length (?).

The wabi on the watch. The crystal has many light scratches and many deep ones as well. The crystal will be changed.

Wish the crown was bead blasted as well.

The nice and simple dial. The L in the circle denotes the use of Luminova as the luminous material on the hands and hour index.

You can see the military markings.

The Pulsar has the NSN 6645-99-6052627. This watch was issued in 1999. The other Pulsar I have is a close relation as the issue number is pretty close. The watch is made in 1999 as well as shown by the Pulsar serial number (assume it uses the same serial numbering system as Seiko).

Nice bead blasted case. Note the straight lugs. Does not effect wear comfort.

The movement. It is a Seiko Epson V732C quartz movement.

The movement is held in place by the green movement holder.

The case back. You can see the teflon gasket (white) on the case back. The case back and the case (I suspect) is made in Hong Kong by Seiko Epson.

I do like the Pulsars. Now to look for the long minute hand version....

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