Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Yet another battery change

This time it is the DW-6900A-2 (Vice Eye) turn for a battery change. This watch was issued by Casio in 2000 and this is its first battery change. Not bad, 10 years. But this is not accurate as the watch has never been used. Anyway I will not bore you with the removal process of the case back.

The more detail explanation is here:


The watch after the battery change. I like the watch as it has one of the best LCD display in the G-Shock range. The LCD background is white.

The watch with its dead battery. No display. 

The case back. It is held by 4 screws.

A closer view. The tabs of the strap sits on the case back. You don't have to remove the strap to remove the case back. You can if you feel it is easier and safer. I just 'bend' the strap a little and the tabs lift off the case back.

Remove the gasket. Don't forget to lubricate the gasket. Careful not to lose the spring. If you do, the watch will still work, just no sound.

A closer view of the spring. 

Carefully lift the battery cover locking tab.

Slide the battery out. Check if there is any dust and blow clean. Try not to use your fingers as this can cause corrosion in the long term.

Slide in the new battery and latch the locking tab back on. Don't forget to 'short' the movement. 

Another view.

Put everything back together and you are all done. 


  1. Thank-you for sharing this. What lube do you use for your seals. I often skip that step. And thank-you for reminding us to "short" the movement. I know that's not always necessary, but it's good practice. Great blog!

  2. This How-to is gonna lead a lot of ppl into trouble as it leaves too much important information out. It's like 'How to go to the moon. Step 1: Build a rocket'

    1st of all, neither the gasket, nor the new battery should be touched with fingers. Plastic tweezers are needed and can pretty much only be found on-line. 2ndly it's important to use the right size screwdriver and the correct type of lubricant (silicone grease) on the seal when closing back up (assuming that the old seal is still good 4 re-use). Also more detail abt how to pry the battery clip open and how to "short the battery" is needed (Short it to what?).

    This How-To is really only useful 4 experienced battery changers who just wanna see what the inside of the 6900 is gonna look like.

  3. Hi J,

    Welcome to the blog. Thank you for your kind words. With regards to the grease, I use the Bergeon 2588-50 silicon grease. You can use any brand of grease that is suitable for watch gaskets (o-rings).

    Best regards,


  4. Hi dorkinaut23,

    Welcome to the blog. Thank you for your comments. True that there are a number of steps missing. In fact, lots. This post, in fact all the post in this blog is never meant to replace or even teach people to be watch makers. This post is just a simple post to act as a reminder to myself or others on the process. The actual post is here:


    But, even that is not comprehensive. It is not meant to be a technical all out step by step process process.

    Best regards,


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