Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Pulsar G10 small update

I brought the Pulsar to my friendly watch guy and have him look at the watch and to see what he can do about the watch fogging up. He took apart the watch and cleaned everything. He also lubricated the winding stem gasket. After everything was done, he put the watch in vacuum test machine to test water resistance. I told him the watch has a very low water resistance rating of only 3 ATM. He says we will try and see how far it will go. Anyway, the machine he had at the moment can only do 6 ATM.

The watch in the test machine.

Guess what? The watch did 6 ATM with no leak. How cool is that. We tried it again. In fact we did it 3 times. All 3 times, it passed. So to update, the Pulsar is water resistant to at least 6 ATM. He put everything together again and tested the watch again. Passed. So, no need to change the crystal or anything. He suspect it was dirt around the winding stem.

Anyway he showed me another 'trick'. He had another watch with had the same fogging problem. The watch has stopped working. He said some watch maker will not change the battery after drying out the movement. He put it under a heat lamp and 30 seconds later, the watch started moving. He then remove the battery and put in a new one. He said some don't change the battery. Interesting. 

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