Wednesday, November 10, 2010

CWC movement

I got my CWC movement back from my friendly watch guy the other day. I sent it back in for a regulation and also to have the movement checked as I suspect it was not running well. My watch guy found that one of the gear pinion was slightly bent. All fixed.

I have to say that the movement is nice to look at, which is sad as many would not be able to admire the movement. It is fitted is a one piece case of the CWC G10 watch with no display back. The movement is an ETA2750 hand wound movement. It is a 11.5 ligne movement. It is a basic 3 hand movement and has hacking capabilities. It has 17 jewels and beats at 21,600 beats. I understand that there is a 21 jewel version as well. The hand size is 90/150/25.

The movement, dial side.

The other side.

No mistaking its origins.

The watch, a CWC G10, back together again. Just a tip I learnt when putting the watch back together. If you have problems trying to align the two part crown, just remove the entire stem from the movement. Put the movement (with dial installed) into the case and gently push the two piece crown back into the movement. And it is all done. Sadly this does not work all the time.

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