Monday, December 12, 2011

Benzinger Boutique

An awesome video. Just look at what goes into building their timepieces.

About Benzinger Boutique:

Jochen Benzinger & Georg Bartkowiak: two enthusiastic timepiece connoisseurs, artists and craftsmen whose bond is founded on a long-term friendship. Shared passion, devotion and professional expertise constitute the sound basis of the extraordinary creations labelled BENZINGER Boutique. 
Benzinger and Bartkowiak have been securely established in the timepiece trade for many years and established a reputation for their work mainly in the name of big brands such as IWC, FabergĂ©, Chronoswiss and Tourneau before launching their own brand. 

This enthusiastic duo constitutes heart and soul of one of the world's leading specialist workshops for skeletonized and guilloché timepieces. Watch movements produced by BENZINGER Boutique are meticulously skeletonized, guilloché, engraved, and even sometimes -- at the express request of the customer -- technically modified by hand in a traditional manner using special historical machines and tools. The consistent trust in the traditional craftsmanship together with the application of nowadays obsolete, historical machines are the secret of the unique style and characteristic charm of these masterpieces of horological art.

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