Friday, December 02, 2011


Busy having fun with the straps that arrived today. Got my Simona Alcatraz Limited Edition strap (which went round the world, Italy - France - China - Philippines - Taiwan, go figure) and the Strap Works straps from Chriz in Singapore. So it was time to juggle and see what fits where. 

The watches involved in the juggle? Magrette Regattare Bronze, Panerai PAM00003, PAM00092 and PAM00243. 

The Simona Alcatraz on one of my favourite Panerai, the PAM00092.

After juggling the straps and trying to match the straps to the watches, this is what I finally ended up with. From left to right, PAM00243 on WotanCraft X Flottiglia M.A.S. strap, the PAM00092 on Simona Alcatraz Limited Edition strap, the PAM00003 on a DaLuca strap and the Magrette on a Strap Works Chestnut strap. 

The 'left over' straps, from left to right, Strap Works Cocoa strap, WotanCraft X M.A.S. Limited Edition strap, Panerai Assolutamente strap and the Magrette original Tan strap. 

More juggling in the weeks to come as I have a Herioc18 strap coming in and I will be checking in with James (of WotanCraft) and George (of CheerGiant) for more straps. 

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