Friday, December 16, 2011

Interesting case backs....

I just realised that 3 of my Panerai watches share the same case number. However, the case backs are different. Makes me wonder if the case number does not include the case back. 

The Panerai Case number is reflected by the OP number you find on the case back. In this case, the OP number of the watches is OP 6834. The models that share the same OP case number in this case (pun not intended) are the PAM00000, OAM00367 and PAM00390. 

The case backs....

The case back of the PAM00000. It is decorated with the Panerai logo. However it is different from the logo seen on the case back of the PAM00367.

The logo on the case back of the PAM00367. I like the logo in this form. 

Finally the case back of the PAM00390. It is the 'pig'. I like the fact that the 'pig' is on the case back and not on the dial. 

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