Thursday, December 01, 2011

I have to stop....

Yet another strap on the way. I was tracking the other straps and were suppose to receive them today. Wishful thinking. 

Anyway, I placed an order for a Heroic18 Crazy Horse Leather with ecru X-style stitching. I think it looks interesting as I do not have any straps that has this look or for that matter made from Crazy Horse leather. 

So what is a Crazy Horse Leather? Well, this is what I found out. Crazy horse leather is a type of pull up leather. Oil is applied to the leather under very high temperature and pressure to create the 'rugged' finish the leather is known for. It is an easy maintenance leather with the following properties: moisture absorption at about 40%, is water resistant for about 2 hours and is suitable for industrial use. 

The strap? Here is a photograph. 

Photograph: Heroic18

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