Monday, December 26, 2011

Bronze Patina (Week 5)

Sorry for the delay in this post. Caught up with Christmas celebrations. Anyway, after a week in the cold, I don't really see much difference. I can understand why some people opt to speed up the progress of the patina. 

On to the photographs.

Some discolouration along the bezel edges.

Spots and blotches on the lugs.

Little or no progress. Lots more nicks and dents. Developing more wabi than patina. :)

Some darkening on the inside of the left lug.

Darkening of the 'top' of the lugs where it contacts with the surface. You see this on all the lugs.

More spots and lines on the lugs. 

Some snow? Not really, just dust. 

Discolouration around the crown due to contact with the finger when I wind or adjust the watch.

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