Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ice Watch

Picked up some Ice Watch watches today. These are special edition and limited edition Japan Ice Watch watches. The watches we (yes, the family) got are these, from left, Knuckle Bear X Ice Watch Watch + Figure Collaboration Set, TimeRoller X PansonWorks X Ice Watch Hoot watch and TimeRoller X  PansonWorks X Ice Watch Blue Bird watch.

The Knuckle Bear X Ice Watch Watch + Figure Collaboration Set is a limited edition 200 piece watch set. It comes with a Knuckle Bear figurine. I believe it is to celebrate Touma 10th Anniversary. Touma is the Japanese character designer who created Knuckle Bear. 

The ad for the set.

Photograph: Ice Watch Japan

The second watch is the TimeRoller X PansonWorks X Ice Watch Hoot watch. This is a special edition Japan only model. Hoot of course refers to the owl. What makes the watch special is the fact that the Shimafukurou or Blakiston's Fish Owl can only be found in Hokkaido, we got this watch in Hokkaido and the owl is on the face of the watch.

The last watch that we got is the TimeRoller X PansonWorks X Ice Watch Blue Bird watch. Again this is a Japan special edition. However I have no information on this watch.

Emmmm Japan and Ice Watch.........


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