Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Breitling Emergency II

There are basically two watches that I like from Breitling. Both watches have links to the aviation industry. One of the watches is the Aerospace, which I have. The other is the Emergency. This watch, I don't have. 

This year, Breitling updated the Emergency with the Emergency II. This change is due to the changes in recent years to the satellite system used in the search-and-rescue efforts. The system, called Cospas-Sarsat, detects and will home in on the emergency beacon transmitted. The original analogue frequency is 121.5 MHz. In 2009, that frequency was slowly phased out and a new digital 406 MHz frequency was introduced. The Emergency II transmit at both frequency, as currently required, alternating between frequency. 

The antenna (there are two) is located in the lower part of the watch. To activate, you just have to unscrew and pull out the knob at the antenna housing. The watch will also feature a new power system to power the emergency system. This is to meet Cospas-Sarsat's standards, which requires the beacon to transmit up to 24 hours and at temperatures as low as -20 degrees C. Additionally, transmitting at 406 MHz puts a strain on the batteries. The Emergency II will come with a charger-tester to charge and test the system. 

Since the Emergency II is also a watch, it comes with the following functions: 12/24 hour analogue and LCD digital display, chronograph, timer, alarm, dual time, calendar and EOL (End Of Life) indicator. This is all possible due to the Breitling Caliber 76. The watch case is titanium and is water resistant to 5 ATM. The watch will retail for about USD 15,750.

The watch.....

Orange dial.

Yellow dial.

The case back, with instructions on how to use the emergency system.

The antenna.

In PVD black case and rubber strap. 

Photographs: Breitling.

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