Sunday, December 29, 2013


After getting my PAM00118F, I realised that I do have a couple of titanium cased watches. Not too sure if the titanium used in all the watches are of the same grade, but they are nice and very light. I have seven, and all but one is pre-loved. 

The watches...

Panerai PAM00118F.

Breitling Aerospace. One of my favourite. 

Tutima NATO Military Chrono TL.

Ennebi Fondale. Grade 5 titanium. 

Another Ennebi Fondale. Also Grade 5 titanium. 

Omega X-33 Gen 1. Another favourite.

Tudor Pelagos. This, I got new. 

I like titanium. Light, robust (but prone to scratches) and hypoallergenic.

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