Friday, December 06, 2013

Casio PAG-40....

I finally got around to buying batteries for the Casio PAG-40. Again, this is not a step by step tutorial.

The watch....

The tools...

Remove the straps....

Now to remove the case back. Lots and lots of screws to remove.... sigh...

Again the floating screw. Need to rectify this..... one day..... :)

The screws.... There are 8 in total. 

The case back ready to be removed. 

Inside the case back. 

The white plastic cover. Don't lose the springs...

Finally the batteries... Yes, there are 4 of them. 

Unlock the battery holder. The center piece can be removed to make access to the batteries easier. 

The locking tab removed (at the top of the photograph). Don't flip the watch to remove the batteries. The springs (connection to the case back for sound and another for auto back-light operation) can fall out. 

The locking tab.

All the batteries changed. Remember to lubricated the gaskets and check that the module is working before closing up. 

Also don't forget to 'short out' the circuit or reset before you close up. Instruction is on the module.

And its working again. 

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