Friday, December 20, 2013

End links..

End links. Interesting piece of engineering. Basically it is just an end piece for those who own Rolex watches but want to use other straps on the Rolex but dislike the gap between the strap and the case. So end links were created.

I got these end links from the MWF on-line store. Pretty cool pieces of stainless steel. These end link are made of 316L surgical grade stainless steel. They are for Rolex watches with 20mm lug width. There are two sizes of the end links. There is version 1.3 and version 1.9. Different end links fit different Rolex models. 

The end links...

The finishing is pretty good. Brushed finish. 

The inside of the end links. The loop end of the strap will sit inside the recess.

These end links are locally made in Malaysia. 

The two versions. The thicker (the bottom protrusions) lugs is the 1.9, while the thinner is the 1.3.

So how does it look on a Rolex. I used the version 1.9 on my Seadweller 4000. OK, admittedly the choice of leather straps is not the best. :)

But you can see how the end links work by removing the gap and making it look like the leather strap is integral to the watch.

The back. The tabs sit against the lugs of the watch. 

With the end links, you now have access to a multitude of strap options. Tropic rubber strap. 

Cloth strap. 

For more information:

They are RM120 per set or about USD 40 per set. 

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