Saturday, December 14, 2013

Wotancraft X Flottiglia strap

Recently I managed to pick up one of Wotancraft X Flottiglia straps. This particular piece is one of their early pieces under this collection. This strap is currently available, but with newer material. The leather of the strap in review is no longer available. I love the distressed look of the straps under this collection. 

The strap in review is a 24 mm strap (standard along the length of the strap) and comes in at 145mm on the hole side and 80mm on the buckle side. The strap is yellow-brown in colour and is modelled after one of the vintage straps that were fitted to vintage Panerai watches from the 50s. The strap is made from a single ply of leather that has been folded to make the strap thicker. 

The long end.

The short end. 

There are many reasons I like this strap and in particular straps made by this manufacturer. Firstly, it is the quality. I am assured of the quality of the straps made by them. Secondly, originality. They try to follow how the original straps were made and how it would look. The straps may look used or abused, but they are made to look that way. 

I like the raw edge straps, hence why I like this strap. The edges are raw, unfinished. It gives the strap a used, rough and tough look. 

The raw edge.

Beautiful leather and top notch finishing. Just look at the stitching. There is no traces of glue or tool marks on the strap.

The distressed (discolouration) look of the strap or leather. The leather is calf leather. It is soft and smooth. Very comfortable on the wrist.

The strap comes with two keepers, one fixed and the other floating. The keepers are 11mm wide and it is easy to use. The loop is large enough for the tail to fit into the keepers. 

As with the rest of the strap, the edges of the keepers is raw and the keepers themselves are well made. Robust stitching ensures longevity of the keepers. 

The strap is signed on the underside. On the long end you have the series or collection from which the strap is from. 

The strap is signed, although it is not as deep or clear as I would like it. The strap is from Wotancraft's hand-sewn collection. 

The strap comes standard with 5 adjustment holes. This allows the strap to be adjusted over 40mm. The holes itself have a raw edge. 

The buckle is made of 316L stainless steel. The buckle, like the strap has been treated to make it look old and used. It has a brushed finish. The top of the buckle is unmarked. The buckle is of the sewn in design.

At the bottom you have the 'GPF - Mod Dep' marking, something you would see in the original straps. GPF stands for Guido Panerai e Figlio (Guido Panerai and Sons) and Mod Dep is Modello Depositato or Registered Design (in French). 

I have the strap fitted on my Ennebi. It is very comfortable and I like it. It is a well made strap and I know it will patina over time with use. It will look better with age. 

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