Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ennebi... A photographic adventure

Well, not really as my photographic skills leaves lots to be desired. Anyway, Ennebi is one brand that I like since the day I learnt about it and compounded when I saw one of their watches. You can learn more about Ennebi here:

I first learnt about Ennebi when I was learning more about Panerai and its history. More so about some prototype watches that never made it into production. These included the Mille Metri.

The Mille Metri.

Photograph: Panerai

These aluminium (some Titanium) watches were just awesome and very rare. Prices of the watch reflected such. And if you read the history of Ennebi, you realise that the Ennibi watches is a superb homage to the Mille Metri. The cherry on top is the Ennebi watches is made by the same people who designed and made (?) the Mille Metri. Thus started my fascination with the watches.

Along the way, I learnt that there were 2 basic prototypes made, one with the rotating bezel and one without (or I think it is without).

The version with the rotating bezel.

The one without the rotating bezel (unconfirmed).

Photographs: shamelessly borrowed from the Internet

When I started out looking to get myself an Ennebi, I was looking for the version with the rotating bezel. I did not know that there was a second version. But getting stock of Ennebi watches is not easy. There were no distributors here locally or back home. Finding one on the pre-loved market locally and back home proved to be just as difficult.

Finally after a two years wait (and searching), I got one from a good friend. I got the version with the rotating bezel as I thought that it was the only model. This friend had two Ennebi watches, both versions.

Happy I was until I learnt that there was the other version. The hunt for the other version began. That too came to a happy ending recently when my friend decided to let go of his one remaining Ennebi. I jumped on it. Now I am the happy owner of 2 Ennebi.

So why do I like Ennebi? Well, I love the industrial look of the watch and I like the fact that it is 'hand' built. Both the watches I got have 'hand made' or 'hand finished' engraved dials. I also like the engineering that went into the watch. Just look at the drawing below.

Photograph: shamelessly borrowed from the Internet

So on to the watches....

This is the second Ennebi I got. There are many dial variations available. I was told that this is dial variation 96-82-12_4. Colours available are matte black (which is this dial), red-brown (the other Ennebi that I have), dark matte brown and olive green.

My first Ennebi. This watch started life as a right-hander. I had it modified it to be a left-hander. It was during this process that I further appreciated the engineering behind the watch. You can read about the modification here:

The crown. Non Screw down and offering a water resistant rating of 100 ATM. Love the Grade 5 Titanium (micro-peened finish) of the case and bezel. 

The crown. 

Closer view of the crown. I believe it is called a pancetta crown.

Just look at the finishing. 

The two watches together. 

Both watches have the same model number. Not sure if they belong to the same millesimation/ matriculation.

One of the six screws (Allen key) that holds the case back in place. 

Short lugs with screwed lug pins. 

The matte black engraved dial. Love the use of the red hands (sweep seconds). 

Ladder type hour and minute hands.

The red-brown engraved dial. 

The Triangle pointer. There are other options like skull, diver helmet, star cross, parachute and viara (Bersaglieri Corps Hat). I believe the pointer is solid gold. 

The twins.

Right hand.

Left hand.

Ennebi Fondale 9660-100. The set complete. To me anyway. :)

Side by side. 

The crowns. I love the crowns. 

A closer view. Look at the finishing. 

The dials. The Ennebi logo. The Ennebi logo on the engraved dial is suppose to be luminous. It is on the black dial but not on the red-brown. Hall marks of things hand made? 

And there you have it, my adventure with Ennebi.

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