Thursday, December 05, 2013

Whats inside....

Curiosity justs gets the better of me, and it does not help that the manufacturer supplies the tools for you to open up the case back of their watch and see what it inside. I have always been impressed by the engineering that goes into each and every Ennibi watch. And this watch is no different. I am talking about the Ennebi I got recently.

The back of the Ennebi. Note the 6 allen key screws that holds the case back in place. Ennebi does provide the tool to open up the case back. 

The screws removed. 

And inside, you find the popular and robust basic grade ETA 2824-2.

Love the large red gasket or o-ring. Now we know what the watch is water resistant to 1,000 M.  As with other Ennebi, this one did not disappoint. 

Well since I don't swim or even dive, removing the case back was not a big issue for me. 


  1. Think it was worth opening up the case, I know I also get very curious when I can't see the movement

    1. Hi Smile,

      Welcome to the blog. I do like to see the movement used in watches, but limit to those I know I can open.

      Best regards,


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