Thursday, July 30, 2009

Casio PAG-40 update

It has been a long day indeed. I have been wearing the Casio PAG-40 as my daily beater today. The DW-5600E must be relieved that another watch is there to take the beating. I wanted to see if the repairs would take my normal day. So after a day of walking the dog, working out at the gym (this is an important test as the watch was subjected to sweat and the case back being wet for at least 30 minutes), washing my scooter (once a week, every Thursday) and then having my bath.

Of course there is the normal desk diving test, the riding my scooter test, driving the car test, being exposed to the highly humid and hot Taiwanese summer and lastly being thrown on to my bed.

The result of this highly scientific tests? It passed with flying colours. So looks like I can have this watch on my daily rotation along with my DW-5600E and Suunto T3. I am not saying the repair was perfect, that single screw still bugs me, but it does look like (at least for now), water ingression is not a problem. As for the functionality of the watch, I have checked the compass reading against my Adanac Navigator II. I also checked the altitude against my GPS and there is a difference of about 10 feet. I put the watch against my car air-con which was set at 22 degrees Centigrade (been running for about 30 minutes to cool down the car) and it read 23 degrees. Only function I could not check was the barometer. Now where is that Riseman of mine.....


  1. Hi Ivan have you ever changed the wrist band on your PAG-40? Looking for a 'how to' thanks.

  2. Also looking for directions on how to change the wrist band