Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Casio PAG40 Rescue Part 2 (Long)

Well this is part 2. The putty should be cured after 2 hours. Now it's time to test out if it worked. First to tap the holes for new threads.

The new tapped holes. OK it does not look so great. I hope it works.

Reinstall all 4 batteries. I wonder why the watch needs 4 batteries. Don't forget to reset the watch. Also install the fully lubricated gasket.

The spacer cum movement holder is next. Note all these have been cleaned.

The stainless steel case back.

The rubber case back.

And now the screws. Well did it work? Yes and no. The upper right screw can be tightened. The lower left can be tightened to a certain point, then it sorts of 'snaps free'. So I decided to tighten it to just before it 'snaps free'. I guess a bit more putty might help. But I think I shall keep that for a later date.

What about the other hole? Well here it is.

It too has been tapped. The screw can be tightened.

Restoration of the watch. All the bits can go on.

Now to check if the watch works as it should. Adjustment of time works. I have checked the compass against my Adanac Navigator II and it works. I am not able to check the barometer function and the altitude function. I will do that when I go hiking on the hill nearby.

Next comes the straps.

And now the moment of truth. Will the watch resist water? Back to my non-scientific test method. This time however, there will be additional test. These are also very very unscientific. First test, wash the watch. Well that was how I found out about the watch had issues. Second, have a hot bath and then out into a cool room. Both test passed as there was no water vapour on the crystal. Third test, fill the sink with warm water till it overflows. Then put the watch into the sink and move it around rigorously. And the last test? Same as above but at 6 feet underwater in a swimming pool. How did it fare?

Moment of truth. The watch just out of the pool.

Removal of the rubber case back shows water in the steel case back. This is normal.

Water on the rubber case back. Notice the rubber case back is now clean.

The inside of the steel case back is dry. This is a good sign. By the way, if you want to clean the inside of your Casio case back, use a soft eraser and gently rub it. It will clean the case back and the disk where the sound spring connects. Notice how clean the disk in the center of the case back is.

Finally, the spacer is also dry.

Conclusion? I figure this repair is only temporary or perhaps will last to the next battery change. I don't think the putty will adhere well to the resin case and will eventually give way. As such, will use this watch as a it is and if it breaks down, I will use it as spares to be cannibalized if and when I get another PAG-40. Perhaps, if it does give way, I will try the repair with liquid cement and see how that works out.

Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed reading this as I have enjoyed posting this.


  1. Dear Ivan,

    Nice restoration job. I planning to buy my very first Protrek, the PRG-130Y. Any idea's about it? As I know it's the most advance Protrek to date. Of course, minus the Multiband 6 functions.

    Waiting for your other Casio Watches restoration projects!



  2. Hi yschow,

    I like to do restoration of watches but I would like to move on to mechanical watches. Maybe modification, servicing etc. As for the Protrek, the PAG 40 is my first and maybe my last. I don't really know much about the PRG-130 Y other then it is a great ABC watch. There are a number of owners on WUS and I am sure they can give you a better insight into this watch, much more then I can anyway. However I believe you can find more information if you look under Pathfinder PAW 1500. I believe they are the same watch (with the atomic function).

    Best regards,


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  5. Hi shoppingugg,

    You know the drill.

    Best regards,


  6. Hello there,

    Firstly, great post.
    I'm changing my batteries but a small grey screw, similar to the gold ones that are stuck, fell. any idea where it goes?