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This is the DW-6600-1VZ. This watch falls in the standard edition series G-Shock. This is a very very old school G-Shock. Although it is still listed in the latest Casio catalogue, it is getting more and more difficult to find this watch. This watch is fitted with Module 1199. This module has the same functionality as Module 1220 and 1298. The difference is the layout of the graphics in the center of the LCD.

Basic specifications:
Module 1199
Timekeeping Mode: Hour, minutes, seconds, am/pm (P), month, date, day of week
Time system: Switchable between 12-hours and 24-hours formats
Calendar system: Auto-calendar with February set at 28 days
Alarm mode: Daily alarm, hourly time signal (chime)
Countdown Alarm Mode (Timer): Measuring unit 1/10 of a second, input range 1 second to 60 minutes
Stopwatch Mode: Measuring unit 1/100 of a second, measuring capacity 23 hours 59 minutes 59.99 seconds, measuring modes elapsed time, split time and two finishes, others Auto-start function and Target time function
Others: EL back light
Water resistant: 20 ATM
Battery: One CR 2016

Let's start with the size. This is not a small watch. In fact it is pretty big. Lug to lug measures 52.5 mm, width 49.5 mm and 19.5 mm thick. The thickness is not 19.5 mm across the watch but at its thickest point. The watch is 16 mm thick in 80% of the dial, with the 19.5 mm where the EL button is located. It is a brute of a watch.

All the lettering on the bezel are rendered in white with the exception of the G-Shock. It is rendered in bright red. Against the black bezel, it stands out. The mineral glass is fitted deep into the watch. I think this is one of the best protected G-Shock ever made.

The LCD is very large. I like it. The top half of the LCD shows the day of week, month and date.

In the center we find the graphic display. The display is divided into 2, the top display shows the seconds in 5 seconds interval, to a total of 30 seconds. The 'arrow' display below it, shows the seconds in 1 seconds interval, to a total of 5 seconds. From 0 to 5 seconds, the 'arrows' will be displayed in black, from left to right. When all 5 'arrows' are black, the first segment of the top display will also turn black, as shown by the number 1. From 6 seconds to 10 seconds, the 'arrows' will become clear, again from left to right. At the 10 second mark, the second segment of the top display, number 2, will turn black. This will continue until the 30 second mark where both the top and bottom graphics will turn to clear. The graphics will be clear at 2 intervals, 30 seconds and 60 seconds.

On the lower half of the LCD, we have the time display. The watch will cycle through the following functions when the mode button is selected, time display, alarm, timer, stopwatch and back to normal time display. The time is displayed on the top display in all modes except for stopwatch mode.

The buttons are a pleasure to use, large and very tactile. As with most Casio, there is a confirmation 'beep' when the mode button is selected. However unlike the DW-5600, the 'beep' for the return to time display is the same. There is not differentiation in the beep. Again unlike the DW-5600, this watch does not revert to normal time display when the mode button is selected once an operation has been selected, regardless of mode. What this means is if you have adjusted the alarm in the alarm mode, when you select the mode button, you will have to cycle through all the other modes to get back to the normal time mode.

The EL button is located below the LCD at the 6 o'clock position. It is the older button with the 2 horizontal raised bars across the button. The button is grey in colour. Pressing the button activates the EL backlight. There is no background logo when the EL is selected. However, the Casio DW-6600C-1v (American market) has the 'G' logo as the background. There are also the limited edition DW-6695 series (DW-6695-A to DW-6695-Z) which has the alphabets A to Z as the background. There was also the DW-6695D-A/ G/ I/ J/ K/ M/ R/ S/ T and Y with corresponding alphabets.

In terms of functionality, this watch does stand out against other G-Shock, Firstly is calendar. I believe this is the only Casio where for the month of February, the number of days is set to 28 days. So what happens on 29th February 2012? However the good point is that this watch is not limited to the 2039 on other G-Shocks as there is no year adjustment.

The other interesting function is the Auto-start function in stopwatch mode. With the Auto-start function, the watch does a 5 second countdown. When the countdown reaches zero, the stopwatch automatically starts. During the final 3 seconds of the countdown, the watch will beep with every second.

Target time function in stopwatch mode allows you to set a target time. Once the target time is reached, an alarm will sound for 5 seconds. This is useful in measuring productivity in a production line, where there is a standard production time for a process. The target time can be set up to 23 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds.

The case back on this watch is the standard stainless steel plate case back. It is matte with vertical brushing and is held by 4 screws. It is very basic in decorations. It has the standard data on the case back, made in information, in this case, made in China (China Y), module number, model number, stainless steel back, water resistant and manufacturer. Instead of the standard G-Shock logo in the center of the case back, this only has 'Shock Resistant'.

The rubber band is very comfortable. The outside of the band is plain and unmarked. It is very supple yet strong. The band is just right size, width and thickness to match the size and weight of the watch. The ridges at the side of the band is standard in all Casio made bands for G-Shocks.

The unique thing about the band are the holes for the buckle tang. It is not a plain cut-out but has a step in the hole and the top portion is slopped. Refer the photographs above and below. Internal markings are 304 EJ2 16 (lug width 16 mm) PUR 304 PUR 16 EJ1.

The buckle, just like the watch is made in China. The engraving/ etching on the buckle is very very good. There is a raised portion on the tang rest.

Overall I like this watch. I like it very much. I do hope that Casio is not discontinuing this model as it is getting harder and harder to find this model. The LCD is one of the largest in the G-Shock range and the display is very clear and easy to read. Although the watch is large, it is not uncomfortable to wear on a daily basis. Like I said earlier, this is an old school G-Shock, big and robust, but very very wearable.


  1. Hi Ivan,

    Finally we both share same models..I have one too. So happy after 13 years of hunting, finally I manage to grab it one, to put on my classic "G's" collections.



  2. Hi yschow,

    Good to see that you got the watch. It is getting hard to find. Look out for the review of the older DW-6600B and the DW-6600C coming soon.



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