Friday, March 12, 2010

Adjusting the bracelet on my watch

I do not normally use watches with bracelets. For watches that comes with bracelets, I change the bracelet to either leather, rubber or cloth strap. However on my Ice Watch, I decided to keep the plastic bracelet.

I adjusted the bracelet but did not do a good job of it. I only realised the other day when I decided to wear the watch. The watch kept 'riding' around the wrist as the clasp was not 'in-line' with the watch. You can see this in the photographs below.

The clasp not 'center' on the wrist.

So out with the tools to correct this mistake. The tools; pin punch set, hammer, strap adjustment tool and the link bracelet holder base.

The first step is to disconnect the bracelet from the clasp. This is not necessary but it does make the job much much easier. Careful when you remove the bracelet from the clasp. Do not lose the spring bar.

Next check the under side of the bracelet for the orientation of the pins and which way to push the pins out. Normally there is an arrow to indicate the direction.

The link bracelet holder base. Note the holes at the bottom of the base. This is where the lock pins will drop into when you push it out of the bracelet links. Remember to align the pins to these holes so that you don't damage the base or the bracelet.

The bracelet is aligned to the hole. Remember to check the direction which way to punch out the pins.

Select the correct size push pin to push out the lock pin from the bracelet link. Too fat and you damage the bracelet and too thin and you could damage the push pin. Slowly tap the pin out.

The lock pin. Note the serrated portion at the top of the pin. This is to lock the pin in place. In metal bracelet, you could find the split pin version being used. Remember not to lose the lock pin.

I need to shorten the bracelet, hence I need to remove another lock pin. The removed link.

Now to assemble, just reverse the process, careful to insert the lock pin the correct way and tap it back in. Use the Teflon side of the hammer so that you don't damage the finish of the bracelet. The end result as shown below. The clasp is now more 'center'. If you look at the photograph below, you will notice that the lock pin is still sticking out. Basically I am checking that everything is OK before I tap the lock pin in place.

Put everything back together and it is all done.

The extra link and the lock pin. I store the pin this way as I will not lose the lock pin.


  1. Where abouts can we purchase such tools in Malaysia or Singapore?



  2. Hi Jeremy,

    Welcome to the blog. Actually I am not sure where you can but the tools in Malaysia or Singapore. Have you tried asking your local watch shops as to where they get the tools? If not have you tried on-line like Amazon? I have also sent you an email.

    Best regards,


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