Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My next project watch

Well I hope to start on my next project watch soon. It will be based on the highly popular Tudor Snow Flake Submariner. These Tudor Submariner were first issued between 1966 to 1968. There were two models, 7016/0 and 7021/0. The difference between the two is the 7021/0 has a date display.

These were replaced with the model 9401 and 9411 (with date). I believe the 94XX model was the ones that were issued to the French Marine National (M.N.) and the US Navy, hence its popularity and high prices. Also because of these reasons, there are lots of 'fakes' in the market.

Anyway, the watch I will (I hope) to assemble will have the Snow Flake hands, but not the Snow Flake dial. I am still looking for a sterile Snow Flake dial. The case will be based on the Submariner case. The watch will be powered by an ETA movement.

The hands.

The watch on which the project watch will be based on.

Photograph: Stuart MWR

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