Monday, March 01, 2010

Motor City Watch Works

We are back and now ad free. Well it was an interesting break for me. I got a couple of watches, straps, visited some watch shop and did a host of other things. I am also getting closer and closer to buying one of my dream watch. Anyway, lets start the new month with a new player in the industry.

I am talking about Motor City Watch Works. This is a new outfit based in America. The people there are a great bunch as I have spoken with them. They are very enthusiastic and passionate about what they do. Basically they work on watches. They offer the following services: modding, repair, movement servicing, refinishing, pressure testing, crystal replacement and a host of other services. If you visit their website, you can see the list of services provided by them.

The great thing about the people at Motor City Watch Works are they are WIS just like us. That is great as they will understand what we want and what the watches means to us. So I expect they will be more receptive to the demands of their customers as it would be what they themselves would expect.

One of the interesting services that they provide is the Cerakote Ceramic Coating. This is a baked on coating. It is different from PVD or ion-plating your watch. This coating is very durable. It is available in a number of colour; Graphite Black, Titanium, Sniper Grey are some of the colours available.

Cerakote Ceramic Coating - Armour Black.

Cerakote Ceramic Coating - Dark Earth.

They also sell parts (and install them). Most of the parts are for Seiko watches and ETA 28XX. The parts include hands, chapter rings and watch dials. More parts and services will be offered as they grow.

Sample of the hands.

Sample of the watch dials.

Blank dial.

Chapter rings.

The detail to which they go to produce their parts is just awesome. Below are some of their drawings for the parts they produce.

Photographs: Motor City Watch Works

For more information:

I wish them all the best.

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