Monday, March 01, 2010

Watch Shopping in Malaysia Part 4

I did a review on the mall called Bangsar Village in Watch Shopping in Malaysia Part 2. This is a review on Bangsar Village 2, which is across the road from Bangsar Village 1. Well there are only 3 watch shops in BV2. The first is the Guess Boutique. As the name suggest it carries the entire range of watches from Guess and also the high-end Guess Collection. The shop is located at the main entrance of BV2.

Somehow there is another Guess store in the mall. And this Guess store carries clothes from Guess. But it also carries Guess range of watches. It is limited to only Guess watches.

The last store is called H5. It is not really a watch shop, but more a urban lifestyle shop. It carries designer clothes, urban designers not fashion designers. It also carries limited edition caps, BearBricks and such items. In the watch section, it carries watches by Noon, Nooka, lip (great to see this French brand coming to Malaysia), s+ark and BLOC28 by Disney. They also carry limited edition Casio G-Shocks, but not much.

The BLOC28 by Disney watches.

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