Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Sewills of Liverpool lives.....

Well if only for a short time. This is the Sewills of Liverpool as we use to know from before they closed down in 2000/ 2001. Timefactors have managed to source some NOS parts from the company that use to manufacture the watches for Sewills. There are all together 85 movements and associated parts. The movement all have COSC certification (from 2001). The watches being offered by Timefactors are made in 2010 from these NOS parts. What happens to the Sewills brand once these 85 pieces are sold depends on the owners of Timefactors.

The watches offered are the Carmania and the Ark Royal. Both watches share the same specification. Both watches will be powered by the COSC Certified ETA 2895. The only difference between the series is the Carmania is available in both black and white dial, while the Ark Royal is only available in white. Both series offers the traditional ship chronometer style dial.

Basic specifications:
Functions: hours, minutes and seconds in sub-dial at 6 o'clock
Case: 316L stainless steel, 38.8 mm diameter, 9.5 mm thick, 20 mm lug width
Crystal: sapphire front and back
Movement: automatic, ETA 2895, 30 jewels
Water resistant: 5 ATM

The Carmania.

The Ark Royal.

Photographs: Timefactors

For more information:

I think it is also appropriate to add that the old Sewills does exist but it no longer produces watches or clock that Sewills is known for. This entity is made up of ex-employees of Sewills that have decided to go on their own. They are set-up as a service center for watches, clocks and other instruments manufactured by the then Sewills of Liverpool. They can be found still in Liverpool and their website:


  1. i have an Arkroyal which i bought in 1998 from there workshop in liverpool 3 thy wanted £1020 for it whitch i coundnt affored one day i went in and it was on sale for £350 they had lost crono certificate i offered £250 which was accepted i have wore it every day with no problems

  2. Just purchased an arc royal with 30 jewels. ETA 2895 is spec'd at 27 jewels and has a date wheel that is not used on the arc royal. Where are the additional 3 jewels used ?