Saturday, March 13, 2010


I got these watch hands courtesy of the people at Motor City Watch Works. It is a set of hands that can be fitted on to the ETA 28XX movement. The hands are based on the popular Snow Flake Hands design found on the Tudor Submariner.

I have to say that the overall finish of the hands is pretty good. It is polished and the polish is even throughout the hands. The edges are nicely finished as well. The mount holes are just as well finished.

The hands are sized 150/90/25 and measures 8 mm for the hour hand, 12 mm for the minute and 12 mm for the second hand. This is measured from the center of the hole to the tip of the hands.

The luminous material used is the C1 Super Luminova. The application is even throughout the hands and looks good from the top. However, if you look at the hour hand, there is a portion missing. This does not have an impact on the overall lume of the hands and it is just a little bit along one of the edges. The application of the luminous material is nicely rounded off at the mount hole.

The lume is good. Just look at the photographs below.

The hands are well packed within 2 pieces of clear plastic set inside 2 pieces of hard backing paper cards. I believe this is sufficient protection for the hands.

Overall I think the hands are well made and finish. Now only if I have a watch with square hour markers on the dial.....

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