Thursday, March 25, 2010

Red Army Watches

I have always wanted to visit them since I found out about them sometime ago. However I never had the opportunity. This changed on my last visit to Malaysia. I am talking about the Red Army Watches Shop.

The Red Army Watches was founded by an Indonesian watch lover who realised that there was an area in watch collecting that has been long neglected. This was the very much over looked Russian watch scene. So that was when the Red Army Watches was set up. I have to say that they must be on the right track as they are now located in 3 countries, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia with a total of 6 shops. It is good to see shops carrying brands outside the box.

Here in Malaysia, they can be found in Tropicana City Mall and its new outlet in the upscale mall, Pavillion. I was able to visit the shop in Tropicana City Mall.

I have to say that the shop is pretty interesting. It is well decorated with many things Russian and military. The displays for the watches are just awesome. If you visit their store, you will be tempted to ask if the display items are for sale. The other interesting about the decoration are the little Babushka or Matryoshka dolls. These dolls are from Russia and they are not cheap. I actually offered to buy some of the dolls (the wife collects) but they were not for sale.

The staff there are very friendly and very knowledgeable about the products they sell. They are very willing to explain about the watches and the history behind the brand. I find that very refreshing as there are many shops where the sales staff only want to sell the watch but know nothing about what they sell.

The brands they carry, not all Russian, are:

Junkers (German)
Zeppelin (German)
Lip (French)
Denissov (Russian)
Poljot International (Russian)
Schaumburg (German)
Nauticfish (German)
Buran Swiss (Russian/ Swiss)
Sturmanskie (Russian)
Aviator (Russian)
Moscow Classic (Russian)
Alexander Shorokhoff (Russian)

They also carry other watch accessories like watch storage box and straps. In fact it was good to see them carry Hirsch straps. They also carry Morellato straps.

Anyway the shop at Tropicana City Mall.

Lip watches.

The Red Army Watch Watch storage box and a selection of rubber straps.

Full range of Hirsch straps.

More displays, got to love them displays.

A BMW collaboration Limited Edition watch.

The Nauticfish watches.

The Schaunburg watches.

Poljot watches.

For more information:

Their website is packed with information on the various Russian brands and their history. It makes an interesting read. You can also join their mailing list and get updates on latest launches or when is their next sale.


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