Friday, March 19, 2010

Casio Taiwan Specific News

Went to Casio today and finally saw the GW-200Z-1. This watch is also known as the last Frogman. It is retailing for NTD 13,000 (USD 410). I have to say that I like the watch and it does look like the Frogman of old, i.e. the DW-6300. However I did not get it as I was distracted by something else and also because I am currently saving up for another grail watch.

The GW-200Z-1.

The DW-6300-1.

So what was it that distracted me? It was the G-Shock Mini. It is finally here. Had a look at the pieces available, and have to say that it is cool. So cool that I got one for the wife.

The G-Shock Mini, from left to right, GMN-691-4 (pink), GMN-691-8 (white), GMN-50-7B (white), GMN-51-4B (red?) and GMN-50-1B2.

Photographs: Casio

The watches retails for NTD 2,700 (USD 85) for the GMN-691 and NTD 3,100 (USD 98). I got the GMN-51-4B for the wife.

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