Thursday, April 08, 2010

Adanac Navigator II Battery Change

I wanted to use my Adanac Navigator II (by Marathon) the other day when I noticed that the battery indicator was on. This indicates low battery. True enough, when I selected light, the display goes off. So a battery change was due.

The battery change on this watch is easy. There is a battery hatch on the back of the watch. All you need is the right tool. I guess this is done such that battery change on the field is easy and can be done without any special tools.

The tool, a correct size coin of the correct thickness. The thickness is important (but not so in the field as there are other things to worry about) as I did not want to damage the slot on the battery hatch.

The battery hatch on the back of the case.

It is pretty fool proof as there is an indicator (arrow) as to which way to turn to open the hatch. Put the coin into the slot and turn anti-clockwise. When the two triangles are aligned, the hatch is open.

The battery hatch.

The battery still in the watch. Use your finger nail or something thin to slide the battery out from under the battery contact (at the 4 o'clock position.

Talk about making something 'Murphy' proof. Under the battery you have the instruction on how to refit the battery and even what type of battery to use. In this case it is the very popular and easy to get CR2032.

The new battery is positioned under the tab and we are ready to replace the battery hatch.

The reverse process.

And it is all done. Adjust the time and re-calibrate the compass and we are ready to go.


  1. I changed the battery out on mine and since then about once every 3-5 days the watch resets itself, as if the battery has momentarily lost contact. I don't believe it's an issue with battery; new battery, and while the watch is running I do not see the low battery indicator. I've taken the battery out and re-seated it, and the battery contacts inside the watch look normal and un-damaged. Likewise the battery cover also appears to be in place correctly, is un-damaged and flush with the back of the watch. Has anyone had a problem like this? Any suggestions or remedies?

  2. Hi Alan,

    Welcome to the blog. With regards to your battery change, I have come to learn that sometimes it is the battery. I have changed the battery on other watches only to find that it does not work. Checked the battery and found the voltage is very low, even though it is a new battery. Try a new battery and also clean the contacts. Also make sure you use the correct battery.

    All the best.