Monday, April 26, 2010

Project watch

Wow the past couple of days was tough. I was down and out with Vertigo. Am feeling a bit better now. Hope it will get better soon. Was told it can last a much as 10 days. Anyway, I got back my project watch from my friendly neighbourhood watch guy.

This watch is a homage to the very popular Panerai model, the PAM 0249 or the Radiomir Special Edition 1936. I got the parts from my usual source. The overall quality is not bad, I figure it is good for the price. The watch has the popular California dial and is powered by a basic ETA/ Unitas 64XX movement. The sub-second wheel has been replaced with a shorten pinion.

My watch guy has timed the movement and made the necessary adjustments. The watch has had a look over by him as well. The only thing he could not do was to do the water resistant test as there was a problem with the crown. The crown could not be attached to the winding stem as the attachment part is 'rotating' within the crown. The 'water resistant' 26 mm strap has been canabalised to fit my PAM 0183 as I do not want to use the original strap.

The culprit. Basically the part (inner tube) that attaches to the winding stem should not rotate within the crown when it is extended. This is to allow us to wind or adjust the hands when you unscrew the crown. Once the tube is depressed, it will rotate so that we can screw down the crown to the case. Anyway a replacement crown is on the way. I hope to get this completed by this week.

The watch. Note the lugs have been removed.

The California dial. I love the 'ladder' hour hand.

Closer view of the hands.

No way to mistake the dial.

The winding stem, waiting for a new crown.

The base ETA/ Unitas movement. It has blue screws (which I scratched.....sigh).

The lug attachment point. The best and safest way to store the screw is to leave it in the case.

I will post a short review once I get the crown and fix it up.

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