Wednesday, April 07, 2010

All new Timex Camper

Timex is set to launch a new Timex Camper watch. The watch was shown in Basel and is expected to hit stores middle of this year. It is expected to retail for about USD 50. I hope this watch makes it to Taiwan as I had (it in now dead) the old Camper, which I liked very much. The new Camper comes in at 40 mm which is 5 mm larger as compared to the old one. The other differences from the Camper that I had, is the inclusion of the date function and removal of the blue 'wave' just above the 6 o'clock marker. Well, I am not sure if this new watch will replace the old one or complements the range.

The watch.

Photograph: Timex

As you can see the watch has the 'military' look with the inner 24 hour scale and outer 12 hour scale. The watch will also feature the date complication and Timex Indiglo technology.

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