Thursday, April 29, 2010

Toy Watch Army Jelly Collection

Toy Watch has released a new watch collection under their Jelly range. This new range is called the Army Jelly collection. The collection consist of 5 watches. I have to say that it is pretty cool. All the watches have the same basic specifications and features the Pop and Swap technology.

The Pop and Swap is where you can select the basic watch module and 'pop' it out of the strap and 'swap' it with another strap. That is just cool. You can see a couple of video of the Pop and Swap here:

Here are some photographs:

You can see the module and the strap.

Anyway back to the Army Jelly collections. The watches:

Jelly Army Black and Green.

Jelly Army Hunter.

Jelly Army Pink.

Jelly Army Sandy.

Jelly Army Blackout.

Photographs: Toy Watch

All the watches features the camo theme except for the Blackout. If you are wondering where is the crown, it is protected by the rubber/ silicone cover at the 3 o'clock position and can be accessed from the back of the watch. The interesting aspect of the watch is the Pop and Swap capability and the lightning design second hand. The other interesting aspect of the watch is the use of Tritium on the hands and dial as the luminous material. Most watch companies are now using Luminova or Super Luminova.

The basic specifications:

Functions: hours, minutes, seconds and date
Case: coloured plasteramic, 44 mm diameter, screwed case back, uni-directional bezel (plasteramic)
Crystal: mineral crystal with cyclops
Movement: basic 3 hand quartz movement
Water resistant: 5 ATM

For more information:

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